October 2018

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October 2018

Post by Hannah Pares » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:45 am

October update
Hey duders,
So I am back after my last PC taking a dump and this one just coming in and getting it set up. So far this PC is dope, i have no regrets.
So since we have Joined Init. I have kind of taken a laid back approach to things because lets face it even though it was a Short move it was a fast and still painful. I figured I let everyone do their thing and relax a bit, try and ease back into shit. With summer coming to a end people can kind of go out on enjoy themselves a bit. Well that plan has kind of blown up in my face as boredom has brought some dudes just digging into each other.
RECRUITING: First Up it is no secret the move here has caused us to lose a few good dudes and shed a lot of useless people. Now we need to find some more friends to replace the shedding of useless people. So the Call for recruiters is forever on going. Anyone can be a recruiter just takes the ability to talk to dudes and feel out to make sure they are a good fit here. When people hop onto the lobby on discord please make sure to say hi! You dont have to be a recruiter to make someone feel welcome.
Corp Project: So a few of us are working together to build a couple of titans together to help spread the load of trying to build one by yourself. This is coming a long slowly as real life have hit us, but we should be back on track soon and be getting these in the oven. Thanks to those who have been helping out even when not part of the project, it really has been a big help.
Corp Roles: So I wanted to touch base on this a little bit as I feel a few people have forgotten how the structure in Therapy. Works.
Everyone that is part of this corp is a member, from day 1. I don't care if you have been in for a hour or 1 year no one is below member status in this corp as soon as they are in they are flin. I know we all like to joke and being here means you have some sort of thick skin. Other than the joking please treat each like they belong and with respect.
Recruiters: These dudes have stepped up and said they want to help grow our community. EvE is in a tough spot were the mega blocs (alliances, Corps) are growing and smaller entities like us that are trying to grow have to work twice as hard to do so. So please do not shit on our recruiters, their job is hard enough as it is.
IT Dudes: Now we have had a bit of a snag as of late with cave taking a full hiatus from EVE. A few more dudes have stepped up and are working on getting our system back online. SaaJ Has been leading this by doing amazing work. Vile pushing the handle and making sure it got started. JJ2yo also got involved and was offering help and a server. Ive stayed at a arms reach because other than the Questions i have been asked I tend to not mess with IT dudes. So please give these dudes a hand. We should be up and running soon.
With this new system we will probably have a new Discord BOT as the old one is still being run Digital Charon in Test!
FC: A little lite these days and with me trying to get some other stuff done before i get back into fcing. Vile has stepped up in taking some corp roams out and we need to Support these dudes when we have new FCs taking out fleets! As much as i want to play 23/7 I can't, and without support there will be no new FCs. So Lets make sure we are making a valiant effort to put the isk making down for a few and supporting FCs trying to take out fleets!
Coordinators: These are basically in my eyes the Directors of the corp. The way EVE is set up it is hard giving the proper Director Role out because of assets, roles and everything else. I tend to not hand it out to protect the corp and the individual. These guys that get promoted to the coordinator group are either coordinating a Project, Isk venture, Leading up recruiting, Leading up IT. When it comes down to it they have proven to be here for the community and put the effort in. So these dudes are to Treated as a Director!!!!
CEO/CO-CEO: Finally I am going to put this under CEO. Thaer and Myself have the top spot the final decision ability. Oversee all and make sure things are getting done ect ect. Back in the day Most of these jobs would of been done by myself and a small team. As time has passed i got older and my time got more restrained I have had to teach myself to spread the load. So at the end of the day we hold the responsibility of the Corp.
I have been getting a lot of questions about Thaer recently and I want to address them. He has been running around with a small group of cap droppers doing something fun while he can. Putting a little risk back into his game while its there. Every now and then everyone needs a bit of a distraction and/or something different.
WHERE ARE WE AT: This stuff is the Bare Min you NEED to have ready to Roll! Get this stuff done First!
"Required" Alright so here we go, Im going to start with what you need and where it Needs to be!!
Querious = F-N ( Priority Corp/Alliance Asset Defence)
- Shield Master Race Mino
- Shield Carrier
- Dread ( Ready to Haw)
- Blops T3C , Bomber , Force Recon ( so we can roam to our old friends)
We have a lot of money being pumped out of Querious and we need to be able to defend at a moments notice. Please remember to not mine or do capital actions in F-N as we cant Cyno to you.
Fountain = J5A ( or Forward Deployment Spot)
- Armor Cap injected Apostle
- Armor Carrier
- Dread
- Popular Doctrines
Armor Super and Titans have priority Over shield. Forward deployed and ready to roll.

COMMS: I would love to see more dudes on comms hanging out. Its been a little light as of late and i know people got stuff going on, but we are here to hang and shot the shit so lets do that. If you are out making isk you are on comms!
Ghosts "Required": I haven't Pushed this to much but I need to know as i believe its a great idea. Init. has come up with a great Idea for fast home def when the alliance eventually deploys for wars and content, Ghosts. This is a Alpha account you put into a Init corp and train basic alpha skills. These things will use stuff like Ferox and Ravens for home sef which alphas can easily do. So instead of having to waste a Jump clone for a home def they can just call a ghost login. Please read the info on the link and get it done. They do regular audits, so no one is getting out of this that easy. https://newforums.the-initiative.rocks/ ... ic=20562.0
Future: I forsee that the Isk making will come to a hault soon. So please make sure you wallets are healthy. Once the alliance says we are at war and deploy away from home, we as a corp will use the down time to go roaming and hunting where ever we are deployed. I will not tolerate dudes not taking part in corp ops, we are here as a community and we need to start acting like it again. We will use the next upcoming deployment to get our pew pew legs back and get into shape. hopefully drawing more dudes to come join us.

Alright lets get her Done!!!

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