May update - director edition

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May update - director edition

Post by Hannah Pares » Sat May 11, 2019 2:43 pm

It's been awhile since we put an update out so here's my attempt to address that issue.

Firstly let me welcome all the new members that have joined the lunacy since our move to Horde, it's good to have you with us!


Things have been quiet of late, what with us trying to find our place in Horde, RL taking key people away for a bit, and other people having RL issues, but that's about to change. Goons have announced that they are coming to kill Panfam, Sigs to hit horde as we're seen as the soft underbelly, whilst the main brunt of Imperium target Tribute and NC/PL space and renters. This is why Titan and Supercap production had to be halted. This will lead to more combat fleets being pinged as flash forms.
Alliance doctrines are changing a little, Ishtar out, Eagle in... better to align with the rest of the coalition during a time of war. All combat capitals and supers/titans have restaged to R1O in TKE to proactively protect the southern flank.


Firstly let me thank Taridark and Rahne for stepping up to be recruiters, also all the guys that stepped up to fill a role during the aborted deployment, thank you too!
Yes the deployment didn't have the outcome we all desired, but I take most of the blame for that, I tried something new under a time pressure, whilst some of the corp we're afk. Not the best planning, but if the opportunity arises we will try again.

AFK - please let us know in the Away from eve chan on discord if you're going to be away, even if its because you're being salty and want to play something else for a while. We're not under so much pressure to kick atm but its still good to know where you guys are.

Comms - Sorry guys but i do have to go a little negative on this one. I've noticed people not on discord or comms whilst online, come on guys the main reason we voice interview is to know that you can be on comms, discord is even more important as if shit hits the fan it's how we'll contact everyone, no discord - no content! Also remember there is a mute button for the worst of the horde discord chans, just make sure not to mute the pings chan on alliance discord.

Ratting - We still have our obligation to keep NQ-9 above 3 on the combat ADM, i know its hard with so little sites and so many reds in the area but just stick to VNI and ISKtar in that system. As a corp we're using 42G in TKE as our main income system. It's now under Hordes supercap umbrella, and fully upgraded for mining and ratting. Fort in system for docking smaller stuff.

Remember guys Hordes default response when coming under direct attack is to run, make sure you're keeping your assets in places where you can pack and leave if Gobbins gives the order, personally I'll be fighting so we don't become nomads.

Contents on our doorstep even more than usual, these guys want to hurt us not just have gud fights! A summer war is upon us (sorry Iron i know you prefer winter when its snow outside for you). Lets show Horde what Therapy. is about and why other alliances were sad we left. If you see yourself as a carebear then it's time to become a carebear with teeth, it's fun. I started eve with my own highsec carebear corp, then killing became fun....

Fly it like you stole it

P.s. Sorry if i've been too negative of late, but you know me, the cynical depressed guy!

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